Match Report - 28/06/01

Dutchy's Winks VS Canning Vale CC.

The win last night was one of the best I have been involved with. After we scored a reasonable amount with the bat I thought that we would piss it in. Then they batted. The opening pair, and to a lesser degree the second lot of losers, put on enough runs for me to realise that it was a game still to be won by either side. After some pathetic umpiring decisions, a small amount of luck and some absolutely fucking magnificent work with our bowling and fielding - we took control.

The wankers deserved everything that they got. One disappointment was the fact that Mattress didn't end up killing that fuckwit - who at a moment of sheer panic thought that he had something in his eye. More than likely tears coming out his eyes and shit filling up his frilly knickers.
Well Done

(Geez Davo, why don't you just come out and say what you mean instead of beating around the bush so much...)

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