An explanation of the title "The Team With Too Many Names"

Where to start?

When I decided to put this website up, the hardest thing I had to do was think of a name for it. Why? Because, for some obscure reason, one that I honestly can't remember, our team decided years ago that we would change our name every season, and we have done so, every season for as long as I can remember.

There have been some creative and funny names along the way. Some I can remember are The Blind Mullets, Silver Sovereign (you'll understand if you've heard of "The Twelth Man"), The Cunning Stunts, and more recently, Dutchy's Winks (our current name - again, you'll understand if you watched the Olympics with Roy & HG). And of course, who can forget the triumphant SCROTAL WARRIORS!

So, if we stuck with one name, I could call the site Home Of ________. Whichever. But I can't do that. So, I came up with "The Team With Too Many Names". It's long winded and rather boring, but so are most people on the team!

I found this on the Australian Indoor Cricket Foundation page. This is the picture they use to represent umpires. Kind of ironic since this is what our umpires actually look like...

See, I told you! The resemblance is uncanny!
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