Match Report - 06/06/01

Dutchy's Winks VS Midstrength.

Once again, Captain Courageous lost the plot, I mean, the toss. However, the silly bastards decided to let us in to bat first, which is stupid coz that's exactly what we would have done.

So, to punish the poor bastards, we sent in what Matty would like to think is the best pair in the team, that being Matty and the Decreptid Bastard. 46 runs later, there was only six of us left to screw it up.

Robbie and Brucie went in second, scoring around 20 and keeping the score respectable.

So, Scallo and Carl went in next, and proceeded to try to and bring Midstrength back into the game, and failed dismally scoring around 20 as well. Matty was devestated that Carl didn't go postal, but how could he when Matty wasn't actually in the net to screw things up. At least he isn't English though...

The typical last pair made their way in, this being Brendan and Markus, and as usual, ran a lot but didn't seem to get anywhere. They did the "team thing" and made around 20 as well, which just goes to show that Matty and Davo had a lucky night.

So, the score we made was 122, and considering we do tend to field OK, we were pretty confident.

The first pair from Midstrength came in and proceeded to erode that confidence with a 42 run haul. There wasn't a lot we could do as they actually batted well, and we did everything to stop them, except for getting Robbie to perform acts of fellatio...which probably would have put them off...or got them off...

Their second pair was pretty much OK until I bowled the last over to them. Popular belief by Dutchy is that the fielding was the reason we got three wickets in the over, but I'd like to think that the bowling had at least a little to do with it....

From there on in it was a cakewalk. The crabs that came in next didn't know what to about anything that came their way. Brendan actually took 4 wickets in an over, all in a row, thanks to the expert fielding. This pair included Roy, who couldn't take a trick after usually belting the crap out of all of our bowling.

The last pair came in to an impossible task, coz we had our heads up, and even picked their best batsman to bat again (this being Roy, the victim of the hat-trick). Davo was inspirational, stopping everything that came at him, and making Scallo's night with the ball look much more respectable.

The final score ended up being 122 to about 40. It wasn't a game, it was a shame.


Scallo, Brendan, Matty and Markus.

(Yes, we all wrote it, that's why it's all screwed up...)

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