Match Report - 18/04/01

Dutchy's Wink vs. Metro Maulers

A win (again!) We're beginning to make this a habit!

We didn't so much a win the toss of the coin but they lost it. As our fearless Captain had yet to appear I took the executive decision to bat first and put in our only "normal" partnership there, Bruce and Robbo.

The decision paid off . A steady partnership it was, with no one over astandout, and no over a disaster. After a batting display worth of an encore they walked out with the scoreboard showing 18 runs to their name. By the time Bruce and Robbo had concluded their innings, our fearless Captain had arrived and the immediately put in Carl and Matty. A dubious couple at the best of times. They did bugger all and but somehow managed to add 34 more runs to the Winker's tally. Carl again unleashing the fury and Matty playing all the shots in the book (as well as some not in the book).

With their departure the Captain pushed himself up the batting order andwaltzed out to the pitch with me (The Freakshow). After a great first two overs (13 and 17 respectfully) we let them get back into it but we still taught the bastards a lesson and put on a valiant 39.

This left JD, our player most voted to take a hattrick, to bat with the chosen Carl and with that decision the Agro one of the side took to the bowling attack. He didn't succeed, but was backed up beautifully by some superb running by JD. They walked out with the score showing 106. A partnership of 18.

Once again our fielding was poor, and for the first 8 overs the Mauler's did exactly that to Dutchy's Wink. The first pair came out and did nothing spectacular but opened the tally with a mid 30's score. The bowling was very average and as a consequence so was our fielding.

Wides and sloppy bowling continued as the next partnership graced the pitch with their presence. They continued on from the opening pair. Anything loose was belted and they pick off left overs as a bum would pick over a rubbish can. Still our fielding was marginally better but still well below par. They put on another 20 or so and they were well on target for 107 runs and a win.

Then Dutchy's Wink woke up!

After a savage dressing down by our Captain at half time we gathered our shit together and acted like a team on a mission. The Maulers third pair didn't know what hit them. B fielding in a unfamiliar territory (behind the two line) was putting on a show and leading his team the way a Captain should. Diving catch here, run out there he single handedly broke the back of the opposition. The partnership only adding 5 or so runs to the board.

Final pair approached and the Winks were waiting ambushing them from the start. With Carl bowling a beautiful length delivery straight into the cods of one of them, their pairing was doomed to fail. After a brief stoppage, and a bit of chat between Robbo and the poor bastard rolling around on the floor (who didn't decide to wear a box) we resumed the game and didn't give an inch. Their dismal total finishing on only 59 runs.

The night was capped off by a new fixture table, showing that Dutchy's Wink has shown so much promise that we had been raised to the 'A' grade competition. It just shows that we shouldn't win those damned grading games! Oh well.

A good hearty win with a player short. Lets work on our fielding Dutchy'sWink and get it back to the level it should be.

See you next week.

The Freakshow.

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