Player Profiles - Darryl

Name: Darryl

Also Known As: Daz

Favourite Quote: NA - he hasn't played enough to be quoted yet.

Preferred Position: Left Right Out!

Player Voted Most Likely To: not turn up to a 6pm game.

Best Part Of His Game: His fielding. Jonty Rhodes eat your heart out...or would that be Phil Tufnell?

In General: Daz is now a fully fledged member of "The Team", having signed a three year contract, but he has waived all player payments as he can't play 6 o'clock games.

He hasn't played regularly for a while, and was pretty hard on himself after his first game as a regular, which is fair enough, coz he played crap.

Darryl in a typical "Who, Me?"
pose. And yes, it's usually his
fault, for anything.
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