Player Profiles - Carlos

Name: Carlos

Also Known As: Just plain Carl, The Postal Worker.

Favourite Quote: "Nah, it didn't hurt"

Preferred Position: Back net, hopefully with a beer.

Player Voted Most Likely To: get hit again if he keeps batting with Scallo.

Best Part Of His Game: has got to be the way he throws himself recklessly around on the back net, and occasionally when he is batting, usually to avoid being hit.

In General: Carl was recruited from the best of backgrounds, a bucks night. Scallo met him through the guy who was having the bucks night, and Brucie happened to know him too, and we were in the market for a new high priced recruit, but we settled for Carl.

Recently has been referred to as "The Postal Worker" by Matty D, who insists that it is because he goes postal, but I think it is because Carl "delivers", and we all know how much Matty loves to receive a good delivery...

Carl in his "You reckon Tooheys
will pay me money to advertise
their beer?" pose.
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