Player Profiles - Brucie

Name: Brucie

Also Known As: NA - I think we only ever call him Brucie.

Favourite Quote: "You've dropped your rock"

Preferred Position: Off-side 2-line.

Player Voted Most Likely To: complain about his profile, and anything else on the website that annoys him.

Best Part Of His Game: Since the vast improvement of his batting, combined with the consistency of his bowling and his cat-like reflexes on the 2-line, Brucie's game has moved up to the status of "well above average". It's hard to pick out the best part of his game, as it's consistency over the last season and a half has ruled out picking one part in particular that is better than the others...

In General: One of the "Wavemaster" boys, Brucie joined the team a few years ago, after the "EXODUS" (which I won't explain here). He hasn't looked back since, apart from when he gets a rugby injury, but that's what you get for playing a game where you run head on into people, and the only reason you carry a ball is so it looks less violent... ;)

Brucie intent on not watching the
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